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New York, NY USA


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Listen to samples of the Gospel Jazz Project repertoire:

I Have Decided (traditional hymn)

I Love You, Lord (contemporary)

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About the GJP

"For years I had carried a vision to create a more artistic alternative to commonly accepted Contemporary Christian music. As a Jazz musician who was introduced to CCM after becoming a Christian, I felt hindered by what I saw as the music's limited palette of expression and prescribed order of emotions. I knew there must be another way to express the Gospel with music. I know Jazz to be a powerful vehicle for worship, with a vast range of expression that can connect with the deepest spiritual part of the human experience. Indeed it is while listening to music in this style that I have experienced some my most intense worship. Therefore I created the Gospel Jazz Project on this desire to express the Gospel using the particular talents God entrusted to me. It so happens that these talents are relatively unique or low-profile in the Church: performing and composing Jazz. I front the band as Trombonist, and during large ensemble appearances, as conductor. I also arranged all of the group's repertoire, which includes familiar Gospel favorites as well as a few of my own original Gospel-inspired pieces. The GJP band appears in several formats, from a 6-piece combo (Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Drums) to a full 17-piece big band (5 Saxes, 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums). The music is arranged to be performed as instrumentals or with a solo vocalist and/or choir. I trust you will find the Gospel Jazz Project to be a refreshingly new expression of the Gospel and a conduit for worship and inspiration".     Jeff Fairbanks, leader

 The group may also be found on the web at myspace.com/gospeljazzproject; and at www.nysclub.org. The latter site has information in English and Korean.

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