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New York City, USA        fairbanksjeff@hotmail.com       


Quick Composer Profile:

Accepting commissions for all musical ensembles, styles and occasions.

Awards: (in reverse chronological order): 2009 Queens Council on the Arts Individual Artist Award; 2008 BMI Charlie Parker Award and Manny Albam Commission; 2007 American Music Center's Composer Assistance Grant; 2007 Gil Evans Fellowship finalist; 2007 BMI Charlie Parker Award finalist; 2007 NY Youth Symphony Exceptional Achievement Certificate; 2006 ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award; 2006 NY Youth Symphony Exceptional Achievement Certificate; 2003 ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award Honorable Mention.

Performances of works highlights: European Jazz festivals at Montreux, Umbria, North Sea, and Vienne; 2006 and 2007 IAJE conferences.  Numerous NYC venues including Merkin Hall at Kaufman Center, Jamaica Center for the Arts and Learning, The Open Center at Korea Village, The Brooklyn Lyceum Theater, Christ & St Stephen's Church, NY Presbyterian Church, Space Gallery at South St Seaport.

Past performers of works highlights: NY/BMI Jazz Orchestra; Jayu Ensemble; numerous college Jazz ensembles; JFJO; all commissioners below.

Past commissioning groups highlights: NY/BMI Jazz Orchestra; Christian Howes String Quartet; Jayu Ensemble; Jim Manley Big Band; Orquesta Infinidad; Appalachian State University Jazz Band.

Composition Excerpts:


"Nor'easter Suite" (3-movement Suite)
"Minuano" (Afro-Caribbean)--arrangement
      "Joy Everlasting" (Funk/Gospel)

 "Evgenya's Dessert" (Cha cha)

"Refilling" (Waltz Ballad)
      "Medium Brown" (Medium Swing)

"Fly Me to the Moon"--arrangement


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Scores/parts available for purchase.

Large Jazz Ensemble     Small Jazz Ensembles     Gospel Jazz Combo     Trombone Band     String Ensembles     Latin Band     Trombone Quartet     Miscellaneous


LARGE JAZZ ENSEMBLE (5/4/4 Pno and/or Gtr, Bass, Drm)

Title: Doubles (if any): Style/ Tempo: Price:
Mulberry Street * + (4 movement Suite, c. 25 minutes) Reed 1: Flt, Sop

Reed 2: Sop, Clar

Reed 3: Sop, Clar

Reed 4: Sop

Reed 5: B. Clar

Part I: Slow funeral march; then Bright even-8ths contemporary

Part II: Bright Chinese folk style

Part III: Slow Chinese folk style

Part IV: Medium even-8ths; then multi-band (Ives) effect

Hoping for Hope * + None; opt. percussion Fast, mixed meter, Jazz-Rock  
San Ma Da None Bright, even 8ths  
I Have Decided None Medium Funky Gospel  
I Love You, Lord None Ballad, Gospel  
What's Cookin' * None Medium swing  
Isle of San Lorenzo * None Bright Jazz-Rock  
My Funny Valentine None Funk/Rock-Ballad  
Misty + None Medium swing  
Spanish Moon + None

(Optional version: Altos=Flts.; Tenors=Clars.; Bari=B. Clar)

Medium Bossa Nova  
For the Chancellor * + None

(Opt: Reed 1: Flt)

Bright Bop; Rhythm Changes in Eb  
Boiling Point * Reed 1: Flt Funk/Hip-hop  
Joy Everlasting * Reed 1: Sop

Reed 2: Flt

Funk/ Hip-hop  
Nor'easter Suite * ! Reed 1: Sop

Reed 2: Sop, Flt

Reed 3: Clar, (also opt. Sop.)

Reed 4: Clar, (also opt. Sop)

Reed 5: B. Clar

3-part Suite; fast-slow-fast  
Minuano * Reed 1: Clar

Reed 2: Clar

Reed 5: B. Clar

Bi Bim Bop * !   Up-tempo Swing  
Woodside Story *   Bright 3/4, 6/8  
Rain Dance * Reed 1: Clar

Reed 2: Clar

Reed 4: Clar

Reed 5: B. Clar

Bright even-eighths  
SMALL JAZZ ENSEMBLE (Sizes indicated)
Manteca Mid-size band        (8 horns) Latin Jazz/ Funk  
Refilling * Combo (3 horns) Waltz (melody)/ Up-tempo Swing (solo section)  
Medium Brown * Combo (4 horns) Medium Swing  
Precipice * Combo (3 horns) Bright Swing  
Alone Together Tpt, 5 Saxes (AATTB), Pno, Bass, Drm Up-tempo Swing  
Alice in Wonderland Tpt, 5 Saxes (AATTB), Pno, Bass, Drm Bright Waltz  
Farewell to a Pine * Cello with P,B,D Ballad  
GOSPEL JAZZ COMBO (Tpt, Sax, Tbn, Rhythm; Instrumental and Vocal charts)
Celebrate the Lord of Love + Tpt, Alto Sax, Tbn, Rhythm Bright Calypso  
San Ma Da Tpt, Alto Sax, Tbn, Rhythm Fast 3/4 even 8ths  
Sa Myeong + Tpt, Alto Sax, Tbn, Rhythm, Vocal Ballad  
Jesus, Lover of My Soul + Tpt, Alto Sax, Tbn, Rhythm, Vocal, (optional Choir) Ballad  
This Is My Destiny + Tpt, Alto Sax, Tbn, Rhythm, Vocal, (optional Choir) R&B Ballad  
TROMBONE BAND (3 Tenor Tbns, 1 Bass Tbn, Pno/Gtr, Bass, Drm)
Precipice * Trombone Band Bright Swing  
Moanin' Trombone Band Medium Swing  
Tex-Mex * Trombone Band Bright rhythm changes  
Joy Everlasting * Trombone Band Funk/ Hip-hop  
Evgenya's Dessert * String Qrt. Medium Cha-cha  
Girl from Ipanema String Qrt. Medium Bossa  
Refilling * String Qrt/Orchestra with Rhythm Section Medium 3/4, then fast 4/4 Swing  

---Also, various convertible string arrangements (2-4 strings) available through Christian Howes' website at:    www.christianhowes.com

LATIN BAND (2 Tpts, Tbn, Alto/Bari Sax, Pno, Bass, Percussion, Vocals)
Fly Me to the Moon Salsa Band (4 horns) Salsa  
A Christmas Song Salsa Band (4 horns) Salsa  
Liberty Bell March Trombone Qrt. 6/8 March  
For the Longest Time Trombone Qrt. Doo-wop  
Girl from Ipanema Trombone Qrt. Bossa  
Hoping for Hope * + Jayu Ensemble Fast Mixed Meter  
Descent * Percussion Qrt. Bright 7/8  
Pastorale * Chamber Orchestra (Flt, Clt, Bsn, 2 Vln, Vlc)    
* = Original work      + = Commissioned work     ! = Awarded work




Discography of Composer/Arranger Credits

Splendor in the Brass II. St. Louis-based trumpeter Jim Manley, with special guest Bucky Pizzarelli.  Victoria Company, 2006.  Available at:


Suncoast 2007University of South Florida Jazz Ensembles.  Suncoast, 2007.