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Digital Examples:

Video Game - "Street Racer"

Menu track

Action track

Speed Boost

Stinger - win

Stinger - lose

...For a fictional racing game with '80s-era cars.  All the music stays in a fast-paced rock and heavy metal style and uses synth sounds reminiscent of that period, all of which further enhances the sense of time and place of the game.

News break

Radio version

TV version

Radio: quick intro leads immediately into short underscore and fade.

TV: slightly extended intro and underscore, then fade.

TV ad for athletic shoes

Ad track

Techno and Eastern sounds provide background for slow-motion action shots.  After tension-building silence, release comes in the form of a sudden high-impact stinger at the end, coinciding with brand logo appearance at end of ad, forming a dramatic climax.

Logo for athletic shoe company

Logo stinger

High-impact logo stinger, alone here.
Acoustic Examples:

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